Salone del Mobile Milan: Yii Designers for HAN Gallery

Apr 17~22, 2012
Via Ventura 6, Milan, Italy

Building on Yii’s success in cultivating traditional craft in the contemporary design context, the designers behind the project have moved to an entrepreneurial platform to carry on their research. This new venture explores an even wider scope of the exciting possibilities that lie in the culturally rich Chinese traditions.

The vessel for this new mission is HAN Gallery. ( Yii Designers for HAN Gallery. This April at Ventura Lambrate, HAN Gallery will exhibit its new collection, which will be simultaneously displayed at Design museum Helsinki. In addition to its new collection, special pieces will be on view crafted exclusively for the Salone.

The select group of designers will present newly explored cultural contents, along with past concepts that continue to be developed. Expanding upon the direction of Yii, past prototypes have been redeveloped and are finally available as commercial products. HAN Gallery focuses on and delivers both production pieces and exclusive art works.

Participating Designers:
Gina Hsu, Kevin Yu Jui Chou, NENDO, Pili Wu, Po-ching Liao, Rock Wang, Tong Ho

Creative director:
Gijs Bakker