Fuzhou Creative Design Week

Jan 12~19
Fuzhou Creative Design Week
Fuzhou, China
Fuzhou, situated in the south of China, is well know and established for the craft of lacquer ware.

Selected by Fuzhou Creative Design Week, HAN Gallery represented Taiwan as the first gallery to be featured at the fair, occupying a significant and major part of the exhibition. The traveling exhibition "ROUND-and-FULL-NESS in a Contemporary Sense" was transported from Taipei to Fuzhou city, as it is comprised of the entire 2012 collection from HAN Gallery.

Because of the cultural, social and geographic resemblance between Fuzhou and Taiwan, the topics tackled in the traveling exhibition aroused enormous attention. Debates on contemporary attitudes over traditional Chinese valus and global social/economic settings highlighted the week among the cultural circles of the historic town.

Mr Han, the director of HAN Gallery, was invited to give opening speech for the design week, and later on lectured on the topic of utilizing Chinese culture as the driving force for today's design.