HAN” is a distinct Chinese character referring to one of the oldest dynasties in China, and is associated with a period of knowledge, production and wealth. It also encompasses Chinese culture and history as a whole.

HAN Gallery works with a short list of designers worldwide, researches the fertile heritage of Chinese culture and presents unique works of art to the contemporary world.

By combining traditional and modern productions, the works of HAN Gallery are crafted in limited quantities with great attention to details, thus creating a privileged link between the intuitive wisdom of the ancient culture and their collectors.

The rich culture of the Chinese is an unexplored territory for design, full of symbols, stories and inspirations. HAN Gallery preserves valuable ideas from the Chinese culture, and translates them into contemporary contexts by giving meanings from design perspective.

The creative direction of the gallery is lead by the Dutch designer and innovator, Gijs Bakker. We will first work with a select group of Taiwanese and international designers with plans to expand to include Chinese designers/artists as well.